Admissions Policy

Equal Opportunities

Rydings is a co-educational day, weekly and full boarding school with an equal opportunities policy. We believe that any child who is mentally capable can and should learn, thrive and excel through our system. At Rydings we accept applications throughout the school year with start dates normally set within the first two weeks of the school term. Irregardless of background, parents can feel free to apply as the school practices equality and has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. The school offers a wide range of supporting programs for students that have learning difficulties at no extra cost to the parent. Any additional arrangements beyond these will attract an additional fee. Occasionally, and on request, start dates can occur mid-term. In this instance, tuition is not pro-rated; tuition is to be paid for the full term.

Late Enrolment Policy

Students are strongly encouraged to arrive the day before the goverment stipulated term dates in order to have adequate time to settle in and be prepared for the new term. In cases were this is not possible, students will be permitted to enrol within the first two to four weeks of the term. Upon request and with all conditions met, it is possible to enrol your child but it is not recommended due to the fast pace through which the academics at the school are covered


We accept children into our boarding facilities from the academic year in which they turn 6. Additional bedding migt be required depending on each child. There are two separate hostels (girls and boys), that are divided into seperate blocks in order to cater to each specific age range and condition.