Headmaster's Welcome Message


Serving as Headmaster of Rydings College is one of my life’s greatest honors. The world that we are preparing our young people for is very different to the world that we, as adults, were prepared for by our teachers. Rydings College is a vibrant and growing institution that has managed to stay true to its founding goals during the course of a long and distinguished history. As a school motto Rydings College strives to produce, “Learners who share! Leaders Who Dare! Citizens Who Care!” phrases familiar to all who have walked our path and are followed both in word and deed by those who meet success in our community.

Many schools talk about fulfilling potential or blending academic excellence with outstanding extracurricular provision. However, Rydings College is not an institution built upon sound bites, it is a real school in which we value the meaning of success in its widest sense. Through our wide range of academic and extracurricular provision we aim to develop in our students the personal characteristics that they will need to face a world which moves at great pace. As well as achieving excellent academic standards, our leavers are robust, confident, self-aware, tolerant and above all adaptable. As teachers, we are in such a privileged position. We are charged with developing the most precious things in the world; the minds of young people. Founded in 1983, we believe in the potential of every child in our charge. We are blessed with a talented faculty dedicated to the fullest possible growth of each member of our community. Our collective goal is to prepare our students for successful and meaningful lives after they leave our care. In sum, Rydings College believes the strength of a child’s character and the depth of their spirit ultimately determine their life’s successes.

As you peruse our website, we hope you will gain a sense and appreciation of the purpose and spirit of our community. We also welcome you to visit the Rydings College campus so that we can share our school with you as we continue the work of preparing boys and girls for life.
Thank you!

Mr T.J Kondo